Kaze Premium - 11oz

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Key Features:

  • Perfect for kata
  • Perfect for kumite
  • Brand new material
  • Improved brightness
  • Design & fit identical to professional line
  • Thermo-regulation elements
  • Main material: cotton


This uniform is another step closer to the professional Kaze line. Proven quality material Kohai Classic was replaced by brand new material with higher thread count and finer structure. This lighter material combined with thermo-regulation elements is recommended for intermediate students who desire classic concept of karate gi along with high level of comfort.

This premium model is universal as it is great for kata as well as for fast and dynamic kumite practise. It offers high ratio of quality, functionality and price.

It is light weight, it's design and fit is identical to the professional line. The uniform is made in white with added blueish tint for optically brighter color.

The shoulder area of the jacket is equipped with thermo-regulation ultra light weight fabric to keep you dry. The lapel is reinforced for perfect shape hold. Pants have elastic waist with added string tie. The internal waist area contains specialty thermo-regulation fabric with a plush feel to keep you dry, preventing overheating or pain caused by chill.