Kaze Rebel - 14oz

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Key Features:

  • WKF approved
  • Perfect for kata
  • Unique materials
  • Provides the extra snap with every technique
  • Thermo-regulation elements
  • Main material: cotton


Model Rebel provides solution for the highest demands of those kata practitioners, who expect only the best out of their uniform.

From initial thought to realization: Rebel utilizes the materials of newest modern technology and is equipped with only the best design ideas. Its development took over 3 years and included long term testing and collaboration with the best karate competitors and coaches in the world. After hard work comes a wonderful result of Kaze designers, who delivered not only excellent cut and fit, but mainly unique material and its surface finish, which varies from all other brands on the market. The internal values are provided by the highly functional patented materials which take away access moisture in the waist and shoulder areas and keep you dry and comfortable during the duration of your training session or competition.

The best recommendation for this uniform is provided by the WKF champion from Venezuela Yohana Sanchez, who has chosen this uniform as the best she’s ever trained in. Further on we can mention 3 times European Champion and bronze world champion Dorota Balciarova from Slovakia, European Champion and many times Czech Champion Petra Nova, who also contributed to the uniform’s design. Most recent interest came from Croatian Mirna Senjug a 3 times European Champion as well as many more world karate competitors and icons.

This uniform will add a new dimension and improved look even to your kata.